Meeting a legend

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015
Meeting a legend

I bought myself a book for Christmas – Mark Donaldson’s ‘The Crossroad’.
Mark is a member of the SAS Regiment, Australia’s elite military force and was awarded a Victoria Cross winner for a heroic act of valour in Afghanistan.
I finished reading the book last weekend and was amazed at its depth, openness and humanity. I’d recommend it to everyone.
So when I arrived at the Australia Post Australia Day Luncheon today to learn that four living and one posthumously awarded VC recipients were to be commemorated on a series of stamps, I was thrilled to find that Mark was among them and, better still, in attendance.
The event was by far the most inspirational and moving of the ten Australia Day events I’ve attended as an Australia Day ambassador. It resulted in a spontaneous eruption of deep admiration from the thousand or so guests.
More moving still was that the father of Cameron Baird, the VC winner who died in the act of bravery that resulted in his award, was present to accept the Australia Post Legends’ award on his son’s behalf.
The entire event was so incredible, I just couldn’t help myself – sorry for the pretty average selfie with Mark.

Here’s the stamp too. And the cover of Mark’s book, which I’d recommend to anyone.
book and stamp

Congratulations to Keith Payne VC OAM, Mark Donaldson VC, Daniel Keighran VC, Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG and to the family of Cameron Baird VC.
Such a special day.